Bonaverde at WebSummit 2018!

Bonaverde is a startup, both a tech and a coffee company, fusing hardware and software to dynamically challenge the entire coffee industry. 

Their vision? To fundamentally change for better the way coffee is traded, perceived and enjoyed world-wide.

The Bonaverde team has created the “Berlin”: the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee maker.

The Berlin transforms single-origin green beans into delicious coffee in a seamless process, truly producing the freshest coffee in the world. This is traded in an open online marketplace for green coffee beans.

Merging IoT with RFID technologies, users can create their own custom coffee roasting experience, batch track via cloud connectivity, and will one day use this to realise dreams of direct payment through blockchain and cryptocurrency.

From whitepaper, to hugely successful crowdsourcing campaigns, and now with over 3,000 machines being used worldwide, a Direct Trade platform is being built to recognise and connect coffee farmers with coffee drinkers, linking crop to cup around the world. 

Bonaverde’s ecosystem enables coffee lovers to enjoy tasting all the nuances that freshly roasted speciality grade coffee brings out, encouraging exploration, understanding and appreciation of the myriad tastes and stories within the wide world of coffee. 

Let’s change coffee. Together. 

Hans Stier & the Team at Bonaverde

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About Bonaverde

Bonaverde is a small team of young, ambitious minds that are determined to revolutionize the world of coffee. About 3 years ago, the founder Hans Stier started out with a vision: build the world's first coffee machine that cannot only grind and brew, but also ROAST coffee, and set up a direct trade network and bring coffee farmers and coffee lovers closer together.

Currently a core team of six plus seven long-term partners, we cover all areas of expertise needed at this stage - vision and business management, project lead, communication, creative direction, relations, logistics, engineering and farming.