Bonaverde Announces World’s First Coffee Machine that Roasts, Grinds and Brews

Bonaverde aims to revolutionize the world of coffee by enabling farmers to sell raw, green coffee beans direct to consumers, allowing them to roast the beans at home

12 NOVEMBER 2013, BERLIN, GERMANY // NOV. 12, 2013 @ 9AM EST

Over the last two years, Bonaverde has set out to revolutionize the world of coffee with better prices for farmers, more control for consumers and the creation of the freshest coffee possible. Today, Bonaverde launches its Kickstarter campaign to fund the world's first filter coffee machine that not only grinds and brews, but also roasts green coffee beans with a single push of a button.

"Our machine allows consumers to carry out the entire process of making coffee,” explains Hans Stier, Founder of Bonaverde. “With one button, a consumer can roast green beans they purchased directly from a farmer they’ve interacted with, then grind and brew them for the freshest coffee possible... from tree to cup in under 12 minutes."

Bonaverde not only gives consumers control over their own coffee consumption, they disrupt the current value chain of coffee. Coffee is the world’s second most highly traded commodity in the world and is cultivated in more than 70 countries by farmers that are generally faceless to the average consumer. Bonaverde has set its sights on changing this by giving farmers a face, name and community platform where coffee farmers and coffee lovers can Skype, chat and even make business transactions with each other.

"Consumers want greater transparency in the coffee market across the entire value chain," says Stier. "Our concept is a complete shift away from the established market. We give our customers complete control over the roasting process and ensure that more money goes to where the most value is generated- the coffee farmers."

With its coffee machine, Bonaverde empowers consumers to buy their beans directly from farmers. Bonaverde’s customers will be able to purchase raw green coffee beans from its network of farmers around the globe, thus skipping the typical steps it takes in conventional coffee processing and distribution processes. The beans will then be shipped in small jute bags – without any paper, plastic or aluminum waste.

Bonaverde, which already turned to crowdsourcing for its product design by opening a design challenge on, is now in search of crowdfunding to make their dream a reality. Starting today on, consumers can support Bonaverde with as little as a $5 pledge. The Early Bird package of $250 includes the coffee machine, 6lbs of green coffee beans and a stylish Bonaverde jute tote bag. There are various packages up to the $10,000 Travel Package where you and a guest can travel with the Bonaverde team to visit one of their partner farmers either in Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Peru or a variety of other countries.

Estimated shipping date for the Early Bird Bonaverde coffee machines is October 2014. Bonaverde already has over a hundred working prototypes up and running in both consumer and commercial use, so those that purchase the Beta Tester package will have their machine available in August 2014. For more information, visit 

""With one button, a consumer can roast green beans they purchased directly from a farmer they’ve interacted with, then grind and brew them for the freshest coffee possible... from tree to cup in under 12 minutes!"" Hans Christian Stier, CEO
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About Bonaverde

Bonaverde is a small team of young, ambitious minds that are determined to revolutionize the world of coffee. About 3 years ago, the founder Hans Stier started out with a vision: build the world's first coffee machine that cannot only grind and brew, but also ROAST coffee, and set up a direct trade network and bring coffee farmers and coffee lovers closer together.

Currently a core team of six plus seven long-term partners, we cover all areas of expertise needed at this stage - vision and business management, project lead, communication, creative direction, relations, logistics, engineering and farming.