Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine - Bonaverde "Berlin" - The Silver

The Bonaverde Berlin Silver contains all the roasting, brewing, filtering, and serving systems you need for the perfect cup of filter coffee. Add green beans to the detachable roasting chamber and let our infrared technology perfectly roast your beans based on your roast profile selection.

Using IoT technology managed through Facebook Messenger, the Bonaverde Coffee Concierge allows you to control the machine with your smartphone, opens users to the community of coffee growers around the world, and allows you to share your custom coffee experience with anyone you choose. The Bonaverde Berlin is the gateway to a connected coffee ecosystem!

Bring your own beans, or select from the Bonaverde collection to ensure a perfect brew every time. Recommended green bean to water ratio is 40-55g (about 3 tablespoons) per 600-800ml of water. Tastes vary so feel free to experiment as up to 1.2L (40oz) fit in the detachable water tank. Maximum roaster capacity is 60g of green beans to ensure thorough roasting for proper grinding. Unroasted or under roasted beans can damage grinder.